• The two groups would exchange information and expertise for the development of nuclear fuel services

  • This agreement is strategically important as the Spanish company also represents the interests of Spain’s government

UAE’s Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (Enec) and Enusa Industrias Avanzadas, the Spanish state-owned nuclear group, have reportedly signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for collaborating and exchanging expertise and information in the area of nuclear fuel services.

Incorporated in 1972, Enusa is apparently a prominent company in the engineering, manufacturing and supply of nuclear fuels to nuclear power plants, along with providing a wide range of fuel related services. The company is owned by the SEPI holding and the CEIMAT and supplies fuel assemblies to reactors in Spain, while exporting over 60% of the production from its Juzbado nuclear fuel facility.

CEO of Enec, Engineer Mohamed Al Hammadi commented that the MoU comes within the framework of the strategy at Enec to work with global companies that are based in countries having established nuclear energy programs. He said the agreement outlines potential collaborative areas between the two companies and underlines many key areas of special interest, such as the nuclear fuel services and components needed for the Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program.

Al Hammadi added that Enec is committed towards the development of the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program, aligning it with the highest international safety, quality and security standards. He mentioned that working with several international organizations enables the firm to share expertise and insights. This level of collaboration is necessary for developing nuclear energy sector in the future within the UAE as well as globally, Al Hammadi believes.

José Vicente Berlanga, Enusa President, highlighted the strategic importance of this agreement, since the firm also represents the interests of the Spanish Administration.

Berlanga stated the group’s aim to look for mutual co-operation opportunities with Emirati nuclear energy company, while serving as a point of contact for other Spanish institutions or companies of interest for Enec as well as the broader UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program.